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Underground Debut Album by The Sunset Kid

Stomp and Crush is the underground debut album by The Sunset Kid. Released in 2007, it contains 14 tracks, all written and produced by The Sunset Kid.

Legend has it the entire album was recorded in The Sunset Kid's bedroom. He recalls, "My mom had gotten sick the year before. Until then, I was paying money for studio time to record. My mom lived in Florida, and when she got sick I started making plans to move down so I could be closer. I did some rush research on what I'd need to record at home. Bought only what I needed and what I could afford and figured I would just teach myself how to record and mix and all that. I did end up teaching myself, but not before my moms passed."

Stoak turned 29 in January of the following year, and soon realized that he still hadn't released his first album, which had been one of his main goals as an artist ever since he'd decided that he wanted to be a rapper. Things didn't seem to be panning out quite the way he'd hoped, and especially not the way it seemed to pan out for some of his favorite artists. "I was going to be 30 and still hadn't put out anything official. It made me like I was slacking," he recalls. "But I already had mad rhymes I'd written over the years, plus I had mad beats that I'd put together using some loops. So I just went to work. My goal was to put out my first album while I was still in my 20s. I accomplished that goal, and the result was Stomp and Crush"

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