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The Stomp and Crush Discography and Complete Catalogue of Hip Hop Songs


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  1. ► Stomp and Crush (2007)

  2. ► How to be Hard (2011)


  1. ►Acid Rain
  2. ►Angelfire
  3. ►Ask Me If I Care
  4. ►Attack of the Killer Emcee
  5. ►Can You Feel It
  6. ►Damage You
  7. ►Don't be Scared
  8. ►F.N.U.
  9. ►Hellcatz
  10. ►How to be Hard
  11. ►I Love You All
  12. ►Kings County
  13. ►Mass Destruction
  14. ►Mister Burnem
  15. ►Monstrosity
  16. ►My Name Is Nobody (Bang Zoom)
  17. ►Outrage
  18. ►Que Pasa Loco
  19. ►See the Light (Progression)
  20. ►Spitfire
  21. ►Sunset Park
  22. ►The Mouth of Madness
  23. ►The Ultimate
  24. ►Trees Grow in Brooklyn
  25. ►Truth be Told
  26. ►Twilight
  27. ►You Will Believe